Extreme closeup portrait of a blue eyed surgeon wearing purple loupe glasses, and a mask.
Scientist hands with needle nose pipette filling small files in a tray in a science lab.
Orthopedic surgeon in an operating room looking at a monitor while performing a procedure.
Surgical tech holding a Mazor device by Medtronic in an operating room during a procedure.
Portrait of an orthopedic surgeon in an operating room holding a model of a human pelvis.
A surgeon and two surgical techs operating on a patient in an OR.
Healthcare researcher opening a large container of dry ice, with vapor pouring out.
Science lab technician looking closely at a vial with gloved hands.
Surgeon looking through an instrument while performing scalp surgery.
Portrait of a heart attack survivor looking at his scar in the bathroom mirror.
Concerned senior patient being assessed in ER with cold towel on his forehead.
Patient sitting in a wheelchair in their hospital room in front of the window being comforted by a caregiver's hand on t
Healthcare portrait of lonely african american elderly patient looking out the window of their patient room.
Middle aged couple laughing together in husband's hospital room.
Motion Blurred Image of Nurse in Red Scrubs Running to Medical Emergency