Nick Collura

Nick Collura

Nick is a talented commercial photographer best known for the exceptional, in-the-moment sincerity he captures. By getting closer to the action than usual and employing a dirty-framed style of shooting, Nick’s work gives viewers a sense of being right there no matter where “there” happens to be. 

By balancing giving direction and allowing for spontaneity, Nick is able to bring something particularly honest out of people; and his unique use of natural and motivated lighting only enhances that feeling of authenticity. He enjoys the challenge of finding the unexpected in life’s moments and loves that capturing these moments often involves unplanned-for adventures, from crawling around on the floor of a hospital to hanging out of a helicopter. 

Before going independent, Nick spent five years working in ad agencies shooting for every medium imaginable, an experience that made him adept at working alongside and collaborating with motion photographers and crews on multimedia campaigns.

Nick’s clients have included McDonald’s, Hilton, Citgo, Moffitt Cancer Center, Havas New York, The Richards Group and WongDoody. Over the years, he’s had the privilege of working with some of the most talented people in the industry on award-winning campaigns featured in Graphis, Communication Arts and several other publications.

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